About T-Soft

T-Soft is an independent IT services company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We started in 2005 providing highly efficient manual and automated software testing services with the objective of enhancing the quality of the software products and systems our clients develop, while significantly reducing the overall costs. As a natural extension of the know-how, accumulated during the testing process, we have added technical support, technical writing and software development to the portfolio of our services. The synergy of all the different teams working together dramatically increases our productivity and the overall effectiveness for our customers.

During our 9 years of existence we have accumulated extensive experience working on complex projects for large and small software development companies, located in the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Bulgaria.

Our team of talented and dedicated experts and experienced management has proven time and time again that we deliver results on time and on budget, combining the best practices in the software development process with a mature project management. We can work as an integral part of your company, or we can provide independent third-party services for your customers. Whether you are looking for a complete IT services outsourcing solution or simply staff and specific know-how extension of your capabilities, we have the understanding and the expertise you need.


In the field of Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) we deliver an independent view of the software which will help your company to improve its products and raise the end-user satisfaction. We add value to your business solutions by giving you deep understanding and analysis of the actual state of the software in any phase of the development process. Outsourcing the software testing to us will allow you to focus on your core business while benefiting from our know-how services and efficient cost-saving solutions.

Our team of professionals employs leading industry methodology and best practices, such as Agile development and Scrum. The Agile testing is based on the end user's point of view and uses iterative techniques rather than rigid plans and procedures until the desired quality is achieved.

Our Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) Services cover the following types of testing:

  • Functional Testing. This type of testing assures that the software functions as intended, covering systematically the entire range of expected and unexpected, but possible, scenarios.

  • Usability Testing. A software product or a system, especially a web based one, can work according to the specifications, but have a little or no commercial success because of its inherent difficulty to the end user. The usability testing makes sure that the things are not only where they should be, but where an average consumer would expect them to be.

  • Automated Testing. A lot of bugs are exposed during the repeated process of execution of the same steps over and over again. The automated testing allows many different scenarios to be programmed and executed without human intervention, covering large sections of the software code. T-Soft has an extensive experience using the built-in scripting tools of different applications and operating systems, as well as the industry leading suites for automated testing.

  • Load and Stress Testing. It is very important to test the limits of the software, not only to make sure it works under such heavy or extreme conditions, but also to find bugs which otherwise would be impossible to identify. In any case, we have to make sure that there is no corruption or loss of data regardless of the load.

  • Performance Testing. If a web site functions according to the specifications and is user friendly, but upon certain conditions becomes inaccessible or the response time increases above certain limit, the users will simply find another provider of the services they are looking for. In today's highly competitive environment it is crucial that every information system responds in a timely manner to the customer's enquires no matter what.

  • Beta testing. It is not trivial to manage the process of distributing the software to the end users, responding to their questions and collecting and analyzing their feedback. T-Soft can do that for you, freeing your time and resources for your core business.

  • Documentation Services. Many software companies tend to focus on the product itself, not paying attention to the internal and end user documentation. At the same time, the overall satisfaction of the product depends also on the quality of the documentation. Bugs exist in the documentation also and in some cases are not less important than the bugs in the software.

Our technical support experts are proficient in the latest technologies as well as in English. We work from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM local time (UTC+02:00). Our geographical location is very convenient, since we cover the Far East in the morning, Europe during the day and the Americas in the afternoon/evening. We provide phone, e-mail and online technical support for issues, which require understanding and expertise in our customer's software products, systems and their integration in real life production environments.

Our technical writing services consist of writing manuals, KB articles, FAQ, and other important documents in a clear and concise manner. Our writers are also technical experts, because in the process of writing they have to investigate and resolve different technical issues.

Our software development services at this stage are focused on Windows C++, and web development using PHP and Ruby on Rails.

T-Soft has proven that it can deliver results on time and on budget, combining the best practices in the software development process with a mature project management.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients and deliver continuously up to date solutions, excellent timing and results.


Our team has worked on many challenging projects, utilizing cutting edge products and technologies. A partial list of our competences is listed below. If you do not find a particular topic you are interested in, please contact us.

  • Hardware: PC, Macintosh, IBM Mainframe Architecture, Intel 8051 Microcontrollers and ARM Cortex-M3.

  • OS: MS DOS; MS Windows, MS Windows Server; HP-UX; VM/ESA; UNIX; Mac OS Workstation and Server; Linux Fedora, Debian, Mint, openSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu; iOS; Android.

  • Networking devices: Cisco, Juniper.

  • Networking protocols: ISDN, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, AFP 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1, TCP/IP, UDT, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TLS.

  • Web servers: WebStar for Mac OS, IIS, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat.

  • Virtualization products/technologies: VMware Workstation; VMware ESX Server.

  • RDBMS and DB programming: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server; FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

  • Programming languages: FORTRAN, C, C++, C#, Delphi, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, SQL.

  • Scripting languages and technologies: VBScript, JavaScript, AppleScript, Windows Script Host, COM.

  • Web development: HTML, CSS, XML/XSL, JavaScript, jQuery.

  • Development frameworks: Zend Framework, Symfony, Rails, ASP .NET MVC, Magento.

  • Unit testing: RSpec, PHPUnit, RUnit, JUnit, TestNG, Jasmine.

  • Automated Testing Software: Selenium, Cucumber.

  • Information Security Products and Systems: Safend Data Protection Suite, Keepod.

  • Enterprise Archiving Software: Symantec Enterprise Vault, CommVault.


T-Soft was founded in April, 2005. Here is a partial list of the projects we have worked on and activities we have performed for software companies from USA, Western Europe, Israel and Bulgaria.

  • Functional, usability and scripted testing of a file transfer workflow management software, Windows file and print server for Macintosh, archiving and recovery software solutions for Macintosh in Windows server environment.

  • Functional, usability, stress and beta testing of a complex web portal and a new search engine.

  • Functional and usability testing of a hardware-encrypted credit card size flash drive and the backup software, which comes with it.

  • Working with information security software systems, providing comprehensive set of access control features at the end point.

  • Functional, usability and beta testing of an online trading system for work with the Bulgarian and German Stock Exchange, based on the Xetra platform.

  • Writing test plans and testing an ERP system for the insurance industry.

  • Working with automated testing tools, writing test plans and creating test scripts using HP Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, LoadRunner and Selenium.

  • Functional and usability testing of a Mobile File Management (MFM) software for enterprise mobility users and an Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) software in Windows and Linux server environments, and iOS, Android, Windows and Macintosh client operating systems/devices.

  • Providing phone, e-mail and online technical support for issues, which require understanding and expertise in our customer's software products, systems and their integration in real life production environments.

  • Writing manuals, KB articles, FAQ, and other important technical documents in a clear and concise manner. Investigating and resolving different technical issues in the process of creating the above mentioned documentation.

  • Yanko Yanev
    Yanko Yanev, President and CEO

    Yanko Yanev is with T-Soft since its inception in 2005. During this period the company achieved significant growth and impressive financial results. The company has been profitable from the very beginning and for each fiscal year, steadily increasing the revenue stream.

    Mr. Yanev holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. in Accounting from the D. Tsenov Economic Academy in Svishtov (Bulgaria).

  • Plamen Toshev
    Plamen Toshev, CTO

    Plamen Toshev joined T-Soft in 2006 as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. Since then, he has been involved as an Engineer and Manager in all of the major projects of the company. He has an excellent technical background, combined with extensive project management experience. He has a proven track record of delivering results on time and on budget.

    Plamen Toshev holds a B.S. in Computer Systems and Technologies from the Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria).

  • Lora Nakova
    Lora Nakova, Business Development Manager

    Lora Nakova has extensive experience in marketing communications, creative projects management and strategic business planning. She has recently been involved in consulting brands and managing projects for companies in the field of IT, tourism, branding, real estate, FMCG, as well as humanitarian and social projects and activities.

    Lora has earned a BA degree in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of Nice - Sophia-Antipolis (France) and is currently working on her diploma thesis for her MA degree in Graphic Design.


Web Developer

Since 2005 T-Soft has a long-term contract with a major US software development corporation. This business is rapidly expanding and we are currently looking to hire talented and experienced Web Developer, who need to possess a practical knowledge and deep understanding of the modern web technologies, as well as the willingness to learn and work with Ruby on Rails.

Your responsibilities:

  • Design and write great code using Ruby on Rails for our US customer's existing and new products, which are used by hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world and a large number of the world’s most prominent companies.

  • Collaborate closely with other members of the product team and QA to deliver quality software to the end users.

  • Promote the use best practice software development techniques to help the team continually improve.

  • Communicate on a daily basis in writing, orally and via online meetings with the engineering staff and the management of our US customer.

Your qualifications:

  • Technical educational background – computer science, information technology, telecommunications.

  • 3+ years of relevant software engineering experience, preference given to candidates who have shipped commercial services/products.

  • 2+ years of experience in Web Development with one of the following - Ruby on Rails, PHP (Zend, Symfony, Yii), Javascript (Node.js), Python (Django), Java EE, ASP .NET.

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, jQuery, PostgreSQL will be considered a definite plus, but it is not mandatory.

  • Demonstrated ability to pick up new technologies quickly.

  • Experience with the Agile methodology is a plus.

  • Demonstrated ability to design and develop new features in large systems with commercial grade quality.

  • We are very collaborative - must play well with others.

  • Fluent English is a must.

We offer:

  • Attractive remuneration.

  • Challenging atmosphere and interesting projects. Working in the framework of the Agile development with cutting edge technologies such as the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Linux and Android.

  • Future career development within a well-established and fast growing company.

To apply please send your CV in English to jobs@t-soft.biz. Only the qualified candidates will be contacted.


To inquire about different internship opportunities, please send your CV in English to jobs@t-soft.biz. Only the qualified candidates will be contacted.

T-Soft, Ltd.

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Sofia 1407
E-mail: info@t-soft.biz

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