About Us

T-Soft, Ltd. is an independent IT services company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We started in 2005 by providing highly efficient manual and automated software testing services with the objective of enhancing the quality of the software products and systems our clients develop, while significantly reducing the overall costs. As a natural extension of the know-how, accumulated during the testing process, we have added technical support, technical writing and software development to the portfolio of our services. The synergy of all the different teams working together dramatically increases our productivity and the overall effectiveness for our customers.

During our 13 years of existence we have gained extensive experience working for large and small software development companies, located in the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Bulgaria.

We are proud of having some of the best and brightest engineers in Bulgaria, performing at the top of the world standards. Our offices, equipment and network connectivity are in line with the most modern technologies. The careful selection and constant attention to the well-being of the team results in a very low turnover of only about 2-3% throughout the entire 13 years of existence of the company. This greatly increases the accumulation of knowledge and know-how, which makes us a very efficient and productive organization. Our philosophy is to provide long-term IT services, which are part of the software development process of our clients and to be an integral part of their globally distributed software development teams, instead of working on short-term projects. We hire full time people who are our employees, they work locally and we provide office space, hardware, software, etc. This way we have fully committed experts, who can completely focus on the work for the client and grow their productivity and efficiency with time.